Peach Beach


Peachbeach is the collaborative project by the two designers and illustrators Attila Szamosi also known as Vidam and Lars Wunderlich a.k.a. Look. Together they realize loads of different projects in the field ofurban art, illustration, graffiti, and design.

Lars is from a small town in the north-east of Germany where time runs a bit slower then elsewhere in Germany. Hewas drawing on from his baby-ages and crashed into Graffiti in his youth. Then he studied art in a small town up north. After this he started studies again, this time in Berlin and it was graphic design. Check out his Graffiti-stuff

Attila was born in Budapest, and raised up in a small town in the near of cologne in the west of Germany. He started drawing also really early and was always fascinated by comics and electronic dancemusic. After school he came to Berlin for some internships and finaly to study graphic design. Nowadays he also works as a DJ and produces music, check his Soundcloud and his Facebookpage

Bild: Peachbeach